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Our sport harness is perfect for the outdoor adventure... Featuring reflective amazing Jumbo Crystal high shine rhinestones, it's perfect for a sporty and stylish dog on the go and is the perfect addition to your your dogs fashion wardrobe 😍

Harness should be treated as luxury jewelry. Please check metal claws periodically to ensure tight fit on Jewels. Claws can loosen over time so make sure you always check them before use. 


🟦 Reflective design

🟦 breathable material

🟦 double reinforced

🟦 Waterproof for the pool



Measure around the base of neck and around chest, behind front legs.


The neck is 16   inches the chest extends to    23 1/2 inches.

Jumbo Crystal choker (large )

$150.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price
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